Officer Fidel Ortiz Named Officer of the Month

On May 23, 2022, Dallas Police Officer Fidel Ortiz #7402 was named Officer of the Month for February 2022 by the Dallas Community Police Awards Committee at a dinner held at the White Rock United Methodist Church.  He was honored for his dedication, tenacity, selflessness towards others, and his relentless efforts in serving the City of Dallas and its citizens.

Officer Ortiz is a 25-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department.  Throughout his career with the department, Officer Ortiz has received ninety-three commendations with five of those being received in 2021.  His diligence and perseverance are displayed by his attendance, Officer Ortiz has never called in for a sick day.

Officer Ortiz was assigned to work traffic at Rosemont Elementary School on April 9, 2021.  It can be a challenging task to manage traffic conditions when you mix kids, bikes, and cars all trying to hustle to school, work, and be on time.  He quickly rose to the challenge and became a volunteer favorite in the iBike Rosemont Program.  He worked diligently to improve the bike safety of the children by placing large cones in the blocked off bike lane, turning on his lights and requesting other officers to assist in controlling traffic flow in front of the school.  As a result of his efforts, by the end of his first week with the program, there were forty-five kids safely riding their bikes to school.

On the weekends and on his off days, Officer Ortiz assists with the Street Racing Taskforce.  He assists with operating the paddy wagon which allows other officers to make arrests and not worry about transporting the prisoners.  He also volunteers on the Peer Support Team which assists other officers who may be dealing with anxiety, stress, marital issues, behavioral matters, and conflict resolution.

In her nomination letter, Dallas Police Sergeant Krista Andrews stated, “Officer Ortiz‘s commitment to the Dallas Police Department and dedication to duty are outstanding.  Officer Ortiz is an exceptional officer.”

Thank you Officer Ortiz and God bless you!