Dallas Police Investigate Death In Custody on Starr Street

On August 17, 2022, at 12:18 PM, the Dallas Police Auto Theft and Gang Unit responded to 221 Starr Street regarding an investigation into stolen vehicles. The preliminary investigation found two stolen vehicles being sold for parts in the backyard. Officers knocked on the door to contact the suspect, who then locked the door. Dallas SWAT was requested, responded to, and obtained a search warrant for the home. The home was evacuated, and police were told the suspect, Paublo Ramos, 53, was in the attic. After a few hours of trying to make contact with the suspect, asking him to come out of the attic and surrender with no response, SWAT deployed gas into the house. SWAT then cut a hole in the roof of the home and found the suspect inside, not responsive. Ramos was taken to a local hospital, where he died.

The Dallas Police Department SIU responded and is investigating this death in custody.

Office of Police Oversight was notified. The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office was also notified and will conduct its own investigation.