OIS on Hudspeth Avenue


This is the sixth officer involved shooting involving a Dallas Police officer in 2022. Body worn camera footage will be shown at the end of this presentation.

On August 20, 2022, at 9:51 A.M., Dallas Police received a 911 call about an armed encounter at 2539 Hudspeth Avenue. The caller, also the victim, stated that 60-year-old Jerome Stevenson shot an AK style rifle at them. Dallas Police Officers Robert Lyons and Holly Harris responded and arrived at 9:55 am to find Stevenson’s son and a juvenile standing in the home’s front yard. The son pointed towards the front door, stating Stevenson was on the porch.  The officers then saw Stevenson in the doorway with a black rifle held in their direction. Officer Lyons ordered Stevenson to drop the rifle multiple times. When he did not comply, he then discharged his department issued weapon one time at Stevenson, striking the door frame. Stevenson surrendered, stating multiple times he no longer had a gun.

No one was injured in the incident. Stevenson was standing in the threshold of his front door at the time of the shooting. Stevenson was transported to Dallas Police Headquarters for an interview with detectives. Stevenson told police he was involved in a fight with his family and had fired the rifle two times inside his home, at the ceiling. Stevenson claimed that he did not know that there were police officers at the scene until he heard them yelling at him to drop the weapon. Further investigation determined the original 911 caller changed their statement that Stevenson shot into the air and not at them.

A search warrant was obtained for the home. Two holes were located in the ceiling inside the residence which was consistent with the Stevenson’s statement. A black rifle was also found inside the doorway of the home. Stevenson was arrested for discharge of firearm in certain municipalities, population more than 100 thousand. Officer Harris did not discharge her weapon. Dallas Police Special Investigations Unit responded and continues to investigate the incident. The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office responded and is conducting an independent investigation. The Office of Community Police Oversight was notified and responded to the scene.