OIS on Llewellyn Avenue

Dallas Police are investigating an officer involved shooting on August 20, 2022, at 216 South Llewellyn Avenue, Dallas Texas. This is the fifth officer involved shooting involving a Dallas Police officer in 2022.

On August 20, 2022, at approximately 02:05 am, Dallas Police Officer Keenan Blair, was working an off-duty job at 216 S. Llewellyn Avenue, the 216 Lounge. Across the street from that business, 31-year-old Cesar Hernandez appeared to have a negative interaction with 30-year-old Luke Guerra and 18-year-old Edward Hernandez, who were passengers inside of a dark colored GMC pickup in the Fiesta parking lot. As the suspects’ vehicle drove from the parking lot, they shot Cesar Hernandez in the stomach. Officer Blair, from his position working across the street from the Fiesta, saw the suspects shoot Hernandez as he walked past the truck. Officer Blair fired three shots from his department issued weapon at the suspects to protect Hernandez and other individuals in the parking lot. Hernandez was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery for his injuries. Suspects Guerra and Edward Hernandez both arrived at a local hospital with injuries that were consistent with bullet fragments, grazing and glass shards. Guerra and Hernandez were treated and released from the hospital and charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Officer Blair did not sustain any injuries during this incident.

The investigation determined there were more than 20 rounds fired from the truck as they left the parking lot and sped down Llewellyn firing back toward the crowd. A black sedan was also observed leaving the parking lot in the opposite direction, a passenger firing at least five rounds into the air. Another Dallas Police Officer who was also working off-duty at the location did not discharge his weapon. A security guard who was working at the location discharged a shotgun into the air, he stated it was to disperse the crowd.

Surveillance video shows the security guard shooting in the air and did not appear to strike anyone. There were no other injuries reported at this time. Neither Officer had their body worn camera at their off-duty job. Dallas Police Special Investigations Unit responded and continues to investigate the incident. The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office responded and is conducting an independent investigation. The Office of Community Police Oversight was notified and responded to the scene.