Ashley Bresnahan named Officer of the Month for August

Today, Police Officer Ashley Bresnahan, #11791, was named Officer of the Month for August by the Dallas Community Police Awards Committee at a luncheon held at the Momentous Institute.  She was recognized for her heroic and selfless efforts to keep the people of Dallas safe.

On multiple occasions, Officer Bresnahan has rendered aid to persons of the community, which helped in the preservation of their lives.  One such example occurred on March 19, 2022, when Officer Bresnahan responded to a stabbing call of two victims where she pushed her way through 50 yards of thick forestry to render immediate aid by using a makeshift bandage to apply manual pressure to the chest wound of one of the victim.  She held her position for several minutes until Dallas Fire-Rescue arrived on the scene.

Officer Bresnahan demonstrates impeccable leadership among her peers.  She goes beyond what is expected of her as an officer of her tenure.  Officer Bresnahan’s colleagues are naturally drawn to her because of her leadership abilities and take-charge attitude in dynamic situations.

Dallas Police Sergeant Jesse Rodriguez expressed, “Even though Officer Bresnahan is no longer in my sector, I am still impressed by the police work I see from her daily.  Her natural leadership brings out the best in officers around her and motivates them to do good police work.”

Thank you, Officer Bresnahan, for your tenacity and drive to “Protect and Serve” the people of Dallas!