Message from Chief Garcia to Dallas Police Department Personnel

Today, Chief Eddie Garcia sent the following message to all department personnel regarding a challenge coin that had circulated on social media.

Last night, a member of the Dallas Police Department Command Staff was notified of a police officer developing a challenge coin for sale.

The coin, which was posted on social media to canvass our membership for interest, depicted inappropriate images that were insensitive and racially offensive to department members.

The coin nor the use of the Dallas Police Department logo and likeness were not approved by the Department.

The officer’s chain of command immediately told the officer to stop canvassing for interest and production of the coin.

This conduct is being dealt with swiftly and sharply as this is not the standard for our department moving forward.

The officer was placed administrative leave and an Internal Affairs administrative investigation has been opened.

I know that this coin, and what it depicts, does not represent the beliefs or ideals of the men and women of the Dallas Police Department as a whole. We will not tolerate this type of conduct.

I apologize to any of our employees that were hurt or offended by these postings and the coin.

Despite this negative situation, I acknowledge the quick actions taken by command staff and department union leadership for understanding the sensitivity of the issue and moving to stop the process from moving forward and delete any social media postings.

I want to remind you that per DPD General Orders, all use of the Dallas Police Department likeness, patch, or badge must be approved by the City Manager through the Chief of Police.