Friends of the Dallas Police Awards Banquet 2022

The Annual Friends of the Dallas Police Department Awards Banquet was held at the Hyatt Regency on November 7, 2022. Members of the department, both sworn and non-sworn, were honored for their dedication and commitment to the citizens of Dallas and the Dallas Police Department. A sworn and non-sworn employee is selected as Employee of the Year from the Office of the Chief of Police and from each of the assistant chiefs. The Officer of the Year and Non-Sworn Employee of the Year are selected from these award winners.

The Marvin R. Bullard Supervisors of the Year are Sergeant Willie Ford & Manager Robert Munoz

A United States Army veteran, Sergeant Ford has served the Dallas Police Department for 24 years. He is in charge of the SWAT Unit’s Tactical Equipment Services Section and is responsible for overseeing support for major incidents, barricaded persons, and other SWAT call-outs. His most recent feat was coordinating DPD’s Emergency Response planning and training for all its facilities. Sergeant Ford personally conducted training and reviewed emergency operation procedures, an exorbitant undertaking for just one person.

Robert Munoz is currently a Community Affairs Manager who oversees the Police Athletics Team, Explores Team, UNIDOS Team, LGTBQ+ Team, Asian Outreach Team, and the Community Affairs Team which impacts thousands of citizens every year. With a heart as big as Texas, Munoz is always looking out for others and handles projects –with the utmost attention and care. Whether buying food for those in need coordinating Thanksgiving meals and Christmas toys for families, to making a dream come true for a young terminally ill cancer patient, Munoz’s dedication to service is unwavering.


The James R. Leavelle Detective of the Year is George Waller

Senior Corporal Waller is a 30-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department. He is known for his positivity and above-par performance. Detective Waller processed more than 1,200 cases in 2021 and as of Aug. 15, he was assigned 821 cases and has filed numerous arrest warrants. He maintains a higher-than-average case clearance rate of nearly 13% and is consulted daily by sergeants and officers for advice or if they have a particular perplexing offense to investigate. From relentlessly chasing down a lead to pouring over hours of surveillance videos and meticulously collecting evidence, Detective Waller undoubtedly has his finger on the pulse of crime. His proficiency in solving difficult cases is instrumental in cleaning up criminal activity throughout the city.


The Field Training Officer of the Year is Senior Corporal Rodney Nevils

A 40-year veteran, Senior Corporal Nevils has served as an exceptional Field Training officer for 33 years and has trained more than 100 rookie officers. He stresses the fundamentals to his recruits, instilling the importance of details, flexibility, punctuality, patience, and professionalism. Honest, accountable, and humble, Senior Corporal Nevils has never failed a rookie and believes if a recruit is falling behind, then he is failing as a Field Training Officer. He is often called upon to assist rookies in the Intense Remedial Training program with finding constructive ways to engage and guide them to success.


The Joe C. Jones Reserve Officer of the Year is Wade Duay 

When Reserve Police Officer Wade C. Duay makes a commitment, doing the bare minimum just isn’t in his DNA. Since being appointed to the Reserve Division of the Dallas Police Department in January 2019, Reserve Officer Duay consistently volunteers for patrol assignments and has not missed a call for an assignment since his swearing-in. His enthusiasm and dedication are unwavering, and he unfailingly works well beyond the minimum expected number of hours.


The Johnny Sides Rookie of the Year is Officer Hugh Bryant

Officer Bryant and his partner received the Life Saving Award for their combined efforts to preserve the life of an arrested person. Officers Bryant responded to a cutting call, and, upon arrival, encountered a distraught female whose apartment window was broken. The arrested person, who had smashed the window in an attempt to break in, severed his brachial artery, resulting in significant loss of blood. Officers quickly applied pressure and a tourniquet before Dallas Fire-Rescue transported the arrested person to the hospital. The ER triage nurse confirmed that the timely medical attention Officers Bryant and his partner administered saved the man’s life.

Officer Bryant received a second Life Saving Award for responding to a stranded motorist on Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway. First, to arrive on the scene, Officer Bryant helped the motorist into his squad car and out of harm’s way. However, once in the vehicle, Officer Bryant observed that the motorist was unconscious and having difficulty breathing. Officer Bryant immediately called for Dallas Fire Rescue, pulled the motorist from the vehicle, and administered CPR for more than two minutes. Once DFR transferred the motorist to the hospital, it was determined he was having a cardiac arrest. Because of Officer Bryant’s quick recognition and attention, DFR acknowledged that Officer Bryant’s actions saved the motorist’s life.


The James Taylor Non-Sworn Employee of the Year is Eunsup Kim 

With 28 years at the Dallas Police Department’s Office of Community Affairs, Eunsup Kim has a remarkable work ethic and is an enthusiastic leader with a friendly disposition. Kim’s leadership, extensive job knowledge, and contributions have undeniably advanced the department’s Asian community efforts. Some of his accomplishments include establishing active shooter training in the Asian community, acting as an ambassador for the Royal Thai Police visit, and serving as crime watch coordinator for the Asian Food Service Managers’ monthly meetings. In addition to conducting outreach with community colleges and refugee organizations, he also is the head organizer for the Korean Chamber of Commerce. An avid runner/walker who always wears a smile, Kim’s humility and genuine “fatherly” care for his co-workers make him a valued employee.


The John T. McCarthy Officer of the Year is Senior Corporal Kevin Gladden

Senior Corporal Kevin Gladden often deals with some of the city’s most violent offenders and does so with the utmost safety, proficiency, and effectiveness. Currently assigned to the North Central Deployment/Crime Response Team, he is a true leader, inspiration, and mentor to his fellow officers. From January to mid-August 2022, Senior Corporal Gladden was the arresting or reporting officer in 96 arrest charges, an extraordinary amount for his position, resulting in the apprehension of numerous felonious and violent criminals, weapons, and narcotics. He is quick to help and train his fellow officers, often encouraging and showing rookie officers the ropes, and thrives on building relationships throughout the department and with federal agency members. An exceptional and committed officer who always puts his life on the line, he is an invaluable asset to the Dallas Police Department. 


Additional award recipients were honored in the following categories: Friends of the Dallas Police College Scholarship, Medal of Honor, Medal of Valor, Meritorious Conduct, Meritorious Conduct Unit, Police Commendation, Life-Saving, and the Police Shield.

Congratulations to all our recipients for their outstanding work!