Dallas Zoo Investigation


On January 13, 2023, Dallas Police responded to the Dallas Zoo regarding a missing Clouded Leopard. The preliminary investigation determined personnel from the zoo arrived and discovered the Clouded Leopard was missing from its habitat. Further investigation determined a cutting tool was intentionally used to cut an opening in the fencing of the Clouded Leopard’s habitat. A criminal investigation was filed and documented under case number 00355-2023. The Clouded Leopard was later located on zoo property, and this remains an ongoing investigation.

After discovering the cut fencing in the Clouded Leopard habitat, zoo personnel showed investigators a similar cut found at a habitat that enclosed a breed of monkey known as Langurs. All the Langurs were still inside their habitat and did not appear to be harmed, or in any danger. A criminal mischief offense report was made under case number 007450-2023. This is an ongoing investigation. It is unknown if the two incidents are related.