Dallas Police Investigating Missing Monkeys at Dallas Zoo

UPDATE: 6:10 pm

On January 31, 2023, at around 4:50 on, Dallas Police, with the help of the Lancaster Police Department, located the two missing tamarin monkeys from the Dallas Zoo.

Dallas Police received a tip the monkeys may be at an abandoned home in Lancaster.

Dallas Police, with Lancaster Police, went to the home and the home was empty and the monkeys were found in a closet.

The monkeys have been returned to the zoo.

The investigation is ongoing.

No arrests have been made.



Dallas Police are looking for the public’s help in identifying the pictured individual.

Detectives are looking to speak with the man in regard to the two tamarin monkeys missing from the Dallas Zoo.

Anyone with information on the pictured individual, or in the case is asked to call Detective Edwin Saracay at 214-671-4509 or at Edwin.saracay@dallaspolice.gov.


On January 30, 2023, Dallas Police were called to the Dallas Zoo after employees reported a monkey enclosure pen had been cut open and two animals were missing.


Officers responded and the preliminary investigation determined an intentional cut was made into a tamarin monkey enclosure at the zoo.


Two monkeys are missing, and it is believed the animals were intentionally taken from the enclosure.


The investigation is ongoing and documented under case number 017547-2023.