Men arrested after series of thefts in Dallas

On June 12, 2023, at around 10:50 am, Dallas Police responded to a call at a bank in the 14000 block of Preston Road. The preliminary investigation determined a suspect stole bank bags and a purse from a victim then got into a car and left the scene. This offense was documented on Dallas Police case number 107370-2023.

At around 11:15 am, Dallas Police located a similar make and model of vehicle at another bank in the 11000 block of Preston Road. Around an hour later, officers saw a person from a car approach another man in the parking lot. The exchange was blocked by a truck, but a victim and witness later confirmed the suspect had taken a bank bag.  This offense was documented on Dallas Police case number 107420-2023.

Dallas Police Fugitive Unit members, along with uniform patrol officers, located the same car in the parking lot of a bank in the 10000 block of Preston Road and took four people in the car into custody.

The following were arrested and charged:

Deverio Bell, 26, Aggravated Robbery, Engaging in Organized Crime

Latwon Berry, 20, Engaging in Organized Crime

Jaden Kelley, 19, Engaging in Organized Crime

Trayvon Reed, 26, Engaging in Organized Crime

A search warrant was executed, and police seized a weapon and property belonging to the victims.

The investigation is ongoing.