36th Annual Prestonwood Rotary Club Appreciation Award

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On Wednesday, October 17, 2018, the Prestonwood Rotary Club hosted their Annual Dallas Police Appreciation Luncheon and Award Ceremony at the Prestonwood Country Club. The Rotary Club recognizes officers who exemplify the qualities of what an officer should be.

This year, Detective Catherine DeLaPaz, Senior Corporal Jeffrey Hunter and Senior Corporal Titania Richards were selected to receive the award for their hard work and dedication to the Dallas Police Department and the citizens of Dallas. Congratulations!

The Dallas Police Department appreciates the continued support from the Prestonwood Rotary Country Club.

2018 Dallas PD Appreciation & Scholarship Award Luncheon

On Tuesday, June 12, 2018, the Greater Dallas Korean American Chamber of Commerce hosted the 2018 DPD Appreciation & Scholarship Award Luncheon. 

This annual event is held in appreciation of the Dallas Police Department for its outstanding work in the Korean community. As a gesture of gratitude, the Greater Dallas Korean American Chamber of Commerce also awards scholarships to high school graduates of Dallas Police employees. 

This year, the luncheon was held at the Omni Dallas Hotel at Park West and was presented by various speakers, which included the President of the Korean Society of Dallas, the President of Greater Dallas Korean American Chamber of Commerce and keynote speaker, Dallas Police Chief U. Reneé Hall. Chief Hall congratulated the recipients by encouraging them to continue their excellent academic achievements. During the luncheon, there was a musical performance by Memoriam Quartet and a Korean traditional dance performance by World Arirang. 

The 2018 scholarship award recipients were Kailyn Newsom, Albert C. Ruff, Eric Lopez, Christopher Gassert, Mauriana Herrera, Rajanae Overstreet, Madalynne Booth, Abigail Castro, Jordan Childs and Angel Felan. Congratulations 2018 Graduates! 

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2018 Explorer Awards Ceremony

The 2018 Explorer Awards Ceremony was held on May 14, 2018. Awards were given for Rookie Explorer of the Year, Runner up for Explorer of the Year, Explorer of the Year and Advisor for the Year. The ceremony began with a welcome from Sgt. Ashaki Hardeman followed by the Presentation of Colors by the Dallas Police Honor Guard and National Anthem by Javia Wilson.

The winner’s of the 2014 Explorer Awards are:

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  • Rookie of they Year: Michael Arias
  • Explorer of the Year: Tyler Sun
  • 1st Runner-up Explorer of the Year: Xavier Smith
  • 2nd Runner-up Explorer of the Year: Jasmine Oliveo
  • 3rd Runner-up Explorer of the Year: Brandon Gomez
  • 4th Runner-up Explorer of the Year: David Rebollar
  • Advisor of the Year: Sr. Cpl. James Farmer

Congratulations! Thank you to all the sponsors who have helped make the Dallas Police Department Explorer Program a success!

Be sure to follow the Dallas Police Explorers on:

Twitter: @ExplorersDallas and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DallasPDExplorers



Officer of the Month April 2018 – Senior Corporal James Songer

On April 19, 2018, Senior Corporal James Songer received the Officer of the Month Award for April 2018 from the Dallas Community Police Awards Committee at a luncheon hosted by the Dal-Cliff Wynnewood Lions Club.

Senior Corporal Songer is currently assigned as the Neighborhood Patrol Officer for the Central Business District. Senior Corporal Songer is tasked with providing valuable crime statistic information via crime watch meetings. He also provides various police services in the Central Business District. Corporal Songer has been recognized for an outstanding level of service from such businesses and organizations as Bank of America, Downtown Dallas Inc., and The Camden Farmers Market Association. Lieutenant Rick Rivas stated, “Senior Corporal Songer does an exemplary job of facilitating the working relationship with our downtown stakeholders. His social media presence and proactive community engagement allows him to understand and effectively address the needs of the downtown constituency.”  Sergeant Gonzalez said, “Senior Corporal Songer serves as the front-line liaison between the Dallas Police Department and the Central Business District. Corporal Songer’s regular email notifications concerning significant offenses and the latest crime statistics to stakeholders help establish a culture of transparency for the department and facilitate the much-needed two-way dialogue with the community we serve.”

Congratulations Senior Corporal Songer! 

Theodore Roosevelt Award Ceremony 2018

Each year the Theodore Roosevelt Association recognizes a Dallas Police Officer who has overcome a life threatening injury, illness, or other overwhelming obstacles and who demonstrates exceptional courage, determination, and perseverance while overcoming adversity and ultimately returning to serve with the department. This year, Officer Zacharie Perez has been awarded the 20th Annual Theodore Roosevelt Award. 

On August 20, 2017, Officer Zacharie Perez, a four-year officer of the Dallas Police Department, was involved in a major accident while responding to a call for service. The driver of the other vehicle was subsequently charged with Driving While Intoxicated.

Due to the accident, Officer Perez sustained a series of injuries which included; four skull fractures, a brain hemorrhage, a concussion, and multiple abrasions. Officer Perez also suffered short-term memory loss and loss of cognitive skills from his head injuries. Officer Perez was released from the hospital several days after being admitted. Officer Perez began cognitive and physical therapy soon after the accident and worked diligently so that he could return to work earlier than expected.

In early December of 2017, Officer Perez returned to full duty at the Northeast Patrol Division. His ability to return to work after such a devastating accident has earned him the respect and admiration of his fellow officers. Officer Perez continues to perform his job at an exceptional level following a remarkable recovery.

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23rd Annual Shining Star Ethics Award Ceremony

On March 27, 2018, at 6:00 p.m., a recognition ceremony was held in the Donald A. Stafford Media Conference room honoring all the Shining Star recipients.

The Shining Star Award honors both sworn and non-sworn members of the department for ethical conduct, individual acts which go beyond the call of duty, or other actions which bring favorable recognition to the Dallas Police Department. In 1995, Mr. Cary M. Maguire began sponsoring the Shining Star Awards for the Dallas Police Department to recognize and honor community members who exemplify the spirit of moral leadership and public virtue. 

Congratulations to all the recipients of the Shining Star Awards, the following individuals performed exceptional acts of kindness, demonstrating why we continue to strive for excellence in the City of Dallas. 

Top winner- Shalisha Parker

1st place winners- Sergeant Edward Cate & Sergeant Frederick Mears 

2nd place winner- Sergeant Demetrick Pennie 

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Shining Star Certificate Recipients: John Abraham, Oladapo Alli, Timothy Brown, Rebekah Cameron, Sharla Corson, Maria Davila, Shanna Ellison, Dorine Painter-Fernandez, Samuel Hanson, Osama Ismail, Donavan Johnson, Rachel Jones, Megan Knowles, Sissel Macias, Micheal Nealey, Jared Pomponio, Joe Ramos Jr., Joseph Reyes, Martha Salinas, Kevin Scahill, Petra Tamez, Andre Taylor, Maria Torres, Aundrea Vann, and Joanne Wilson. 


The 65th Annual Johnny Sides Rookie of the Year Gala


On Tuesday, October 24, 2017, the Dallas Junior Chamber of Commerce (DJCC) hosted the 65th Annual Johnny Sides Rookie of the Year Gala. This award recognizes Dallas’ newest and finest police officers, in memory of Officer Johnny Sides, #337. In 1951, just twenty-one days after graduating the Dallas Police Academy, Officer Sides was fatally wounded by a band of criminals wanted for violent crimes in four states. Officer Sides was able to positively identify all four suspects before he died. This resulted in their capture and prosecution. Officer Sides was an inspirational officer and member of the DJCC. To honor his memory, the DJCC has awarded the Johnny Sides Rookie of the Year award since 1952.

The nominees for the 65th Annual Johnny Sides Rookie of the Year Award were Officer Juan Luis Delgado, Officer Fernando Garcia and Officer Gretchen Rocha.

Officer Juan Luis Delgado, #11036, works relentlessly in some of the toughest areas in the Northeast Patrol Division and has an outstanding work ethic.

Officer Fernando Garcia, #10908, earned the respect of his FTOs and fellow officers early on. He is hard-working, energetic, ready and willing to handle any situation thrown his way. The relationships he has built with community members and his ability to work hand in hand with the people in his beat has improved the quality of life for the citizens in the South Central Patrol Division.

Officer Gretchen Rocha, #10942, was injured during the July 7th attack last year. Despite her injuries, she had the strength and courage to drive one of her fallen brothers to the hospital. She did not let this tragedy deter her from finishing training and becoming a strong leader in the Southwest Patrol Division.

Officer Juan Luis Delgado, Chief U. Renee' Hall, Officer Fernando Garcia and Officer Gretchen Rocha

Officer Juan Luis Delgado, Chief U. Renee’ Hall, Officer Fernando Garcia and Officer Gretchen Rocha


 The winner of the Rookie of the Year Award was Officer Fernando Garcia. Congratulations! Thank you for your dedicated service.

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The DJCC also presented a check to the Assist the Officer Foundation to help support injured officers, officers killed in the line of duty, and their families. The Dallas Police Department appreciates the support from the DJCC. Thank you.


DPD Presents Special Awards to San Antonio Police Officers

Dallas Police Assistant Chief John Lawton and Deputy Chief Lonzo Anderson traveled to San Antonio this week for a special award ceremony. Last year when tragedy struck our city on July 7, 2016, without being asked, thirty-three officers from the San Antonio Police Department came to Dallas to provide assistance. 

The San Antonio officers immediately jumped into squad cars with Dallas officers and helped answer calls, provided traffic control for the funerals of the fallen officers, and provided a shoulder to lean on for several Dallas officers who were struggling to cope with the tragedy and still show up to work every day. 

Assistant Chief Lawton and Deputy Chief Anderson awarded these 33 San Antonio Police officers with a Certificate of Merit for their service to the Dallas Police Department and the City of Dallas during what could arguably be considered one of the most difficult weeks for our city and department. 

We can never say thank you enough to our community and our brothers and sisters in blue who showed us so much love and support during such a tragic time. We would have never made it through without you. Thank you again! 

Officer of the Month – Officer LaSharon Watson

Every month the Dallas Community Police Awards Committee recognizes and honors one Dallas Police officer for their exemplary performance and civic involvement. Officer LaSharon Watson from the Northeast Patrol Division was recognized as the Officer of the Month for May 2017. Officer Watson has been on the department for 8 years and has received several commendations and awards for her outstanding work, including a Life Saving Award when she rescued a suicidal woman from jumping off a bridge. 

Officer Watson not only works hard on duty, but she plays hard in her off time as a girls youth basketball coach. Officer Watson’s passion for basketball started when she was in high school playing on the varsity team as a freshman. She played basketball through college and even played for a semi-pro team in the Dallas Women Blue Chip Basketball League. Officer Watson has volunteered for 8 years as a coach for the DC Queens basketball organization. Currently, she is the coach of the number one fifth grade team in the country. She has become such a strong mentor to these young girls and even invited them as her guests to the award ceremony. Officer Watson also volunteers for the Police Athletic League and participates in the Guns-and-Hoses events. 

In his nomination letter for Officer Watson, Lieutenant Rickey Lewis wrote, “A police officer must be able to connect with the community we serve beyond the boundaries of enforcing the law. We may only get paid for time on the clock, but we truly operate twenty-four hours daily. I believe Officer Watson epitomizes all the above, and for that reason I proudly nominate her for Officer of the Year.” 

Congratulations Officer Watson! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our community. 


Officer of the Month: April 2017

On April 6, 2017, Police Officer Zoltan Laky, a 26 year veteran of the Dallas Police Department was awarded Officer of the Month by the Dallas Police Awards Committee. 

Officer Laky is currently assigned to the Northwest Patrol Division.  His everyday positive attitude towards law enforcement, supervisors, and fellow officers were key components in him receiving the award.  Laky is a self initiated officer who intentionally seeks out activity within the patrol and investigative spectrum of this career. Officer Laky’s area of expertise is in removing dangerous criminals from the general public.

In December 2015, he was tasked with focused patrols to stem the tide of habitation burglaries that plagued the Northwest area; he was to search for both active burglars and execute warrants on burglary suspects. From this task, he answered numerous calls for service and made 89 arrests, including capturing 9 felony in the acts.

Officer Laky has also assisted the Crimes Against Persons Division in locating sexual assault suspects and has never shied away from facing dangerous situations. Officer Laky’s observation skills and attention to detail have always assisted him locating a high end at large suspect. 

The Dallas Police Department would like to thank Officer Laky for all his hard work and dedication during his 26 years of service. Thank you and congratulations on achieving the Officer of the Month Award for April 2017.