DPD Dive Team Receives Donation in Honor of SMU Officer Mark McCullers

On Tuesday, January 31, 2017, representatives from the BMF Project presented the Dallas Police Department’s Dive Team with a Hummingbird Helix 10 Side Imaging Sonar, in honor of SMU Officer Mark McCullers.  Officer McCullers lost his life when he was swept away by flood waters July 5, 2016.  

The ceremony was held at the Jack Evans Headquarters Building inside the Donald A. Stafford Media Conference Room at 1:30 p.m. and was immediately followed by an awards ceremony to recognize the Dallas police officers who assisted in the search.  Interim Chief of Police David Pughes accepted the equipment on behalf of the Dallas Police Department and presented each officer with their award.  SMU officials and the family of Officer McCullers were in attendance and the following officers were awarded the Certificate of Merit.  

Deputy Chief Vernon Hale

Sgt. Rodrick Dillon #4535

PO Daniel Hale #9157

PO Daniel Kessenich #10933

PO Michael Koller #8899

PO Jose De La Rocha #9662

SC John Boucher #9636

SC Ryan Hales #9820

SC Matthew Hebert #8107

SC Matthew Kalinec #8022

SC Ryan Mabry #10083

SC Brandon Thompson #8411

SC Christopher Todd #8947


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64th Annual Johnny Sides Rookie of the Year Award

Every year the Dallas Junior Chamber of Commerce (DJCC) recognizes one rookie Dallas Police officer with the Johnny Sides Rookie of the Year award. The award is named in honor of Dallas Police officer Johnny Sides who was killed in the line of duty after being on the department only three months. Despite his short tenure, Officer Johnny Sides was an exceptional police officer and also a DJCC member. Officer Sides was admired for his dedication, leadership, and sacrifice. Officer Sides was fatally wounded when a group of four wanted criminals opened fire on him and his partner during a traffic stop. Officer Sides was able to positively identify all four suspects before he passed away on February 7, 1951, resulting in their capture and prosecution. Since 1952, the DJCC has honored extraordinary Dallas Police rookie officers every year with this award. 

The 2016 Johnny Sides Rookie of the Year is officer J. Brandon Helms #10724 from the Central Business District. Since his graduation from the Dallas Police Academy on May 4, 2015, Officer Helms has distinguished himself as a highly motivated, resourceful and dependable officer. Congratulations Officer Helms! 

Officer Kennetta Pate #10812 and Officer Kelly Kaltenbacher #10638 were also nominated for the award and the Dallas Police Department is incredibly proud of them for their hard work and service to the citizens of Dallas. 

This year’s program included speaking appearances by former Navy Seal Clint Bruce, Assist the Officer Foundation President Frederick Frazier, and Interim Chief of Police David Pughes. The DJCC also proudly presented a check to the Assist the Officer Foundation for $5000 to help support injured officers, officers killed in the line of duty, and their families. The Dallas Police Department is so thankful to the DJCC for hosting this wonderful event and for their continued support of our officers. Thank you again! 

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Dallas Detectives Receive James B. Comey FBI Director Award

Special Agent in Charge Thomas Class of the Dallas FBI office presented the James B. Comey FBI Director Award to three Dallas Police detectives. 

Sergeant Ross Salverino, #3396, was commended for his ongoing efforts in support of the FBI Task Force and their federal prosecution of commercial robbery suspects.

Detectives Eric Barnes, #8854, and James Thompson, #6217, were commended for their efforts in the apprehension of Brenda Delgado who fled to Mexico to elude apprehension in a Dallas murder case.   

group picture

Non – Sworn Employee of the Month June 2016

IMG_4621The Office of Community affairs is proud to announce  Outreach Representative Eunsup Kim as The Non – Sworn Employee of the Month for June 2016.

Eunsup Kim has been with the Dallas Police Department for over 20 years.  For all of his 20 years he has been an integral part of the Dallas Police Department efforts serving as a liaison with the Korean community.

Over his span of 20 years he has made a continuous and consistent relationship with several Asian media outlets and has been featured in several Korean news productions. In the first couple of months of 2016, Outreach Rep Eunsup Kim made contact with over 150 members of the Asian community.

Mr. Kim has completed several translations for the Office of Community Affairs and does a phenomenal job creating presentations and presenting safety information and crime prevention tips to the Korean community.

Eunsup Kim is always a ready, willing, active, and engaged participant in all of our community outreach efforts and can be depended on to help us all with planning and execution of our community events. He is a dependable and positive asset to have for the Office of Community Affairs.IMG_4619

Eunsup Kim has connected with several individuals within the Dallas Police Department  over the years who would agree that he’s very deserving of the recognition of Employee of the Month.




Dallas Police Department Awards Ceremony

Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown presented various departmental awards today, April 28, 2016, at 10:00 a.m.  The presentation was held in the Donald A. Stafford Media Conference Room on the 2nd floor of the Jack Evans Headquarters at 1400 S. Lamar Street.

The following awards were presented: 

Tenure Award Recipients

20 Years of Service

  • Lieutenant Israel Herrera (not pictured)
  • Sergeant Orlando Robinson
  • Sergeant Francis S. Crump
  • Stephanie C. Vanegas

25 Years of Service

  • Sergeant John E. Larsen
  • Sergeant Stephen A. Bishopp (not pictured)
  • Police Officer Timothy J. Drummond

30 Years of Service

  • Lieutenant Phyllis I. Nobles (not pictured)
  • Senior Corporal Linda H. Kindt
  • Senior Corporal Christopher K. Daniels
  • Anita J. Bassinger
  • Andrea Yellowfish (not pictured)

Perfect Attendance 

20 Years

  • Lieutenant Terrence D. Rhodes
  • Sergeant Francis S. Crump

25 Years

  • Executive Assistant Chief David R. Pughes
  • Deputy Chief Christina E. Smith

35 Years

  • Lieutenant Charles E. Epperson (not pictured)
  • Deborah L. Joseph

Meritorious Conduct Award Recipients

Life Saving Awards

The Life Saving Award is given when it is shown through documented evidence from witnesses, victims, or medical authorities that an officer was directly responsible for the saving of a human life.

Below is a synopsis of each nomination letter composed for the various awards:

On November 5, 2015, Senior Corporal Sheldon Smythe responded to a 911 call at the Saint Paul bridge above Interstate 30. A citizen was threatening to jump off the bridge into oncoming traffic and was straddling the guardrail when officers arrived. Responding officers talked to the distraught citizen as Senior Corporal Smythe noticed the citizen was looking down as if he was about to jump. Senior Corporal Smythe courageously grabbed the citizen and pulled him to safety, saving his life. Senior Corporal Smythe was not available to attend today’s ceremony.

On November 8, 2015, Sergeant David Crowley, Police Officer Lasharon Watson, Police Officer Rachel Rice and Police Officer Matthew Henry showed tremendous patience and empathy when they responded to a 911 suicide call at the 2200 block of Interstate 45. The officers found the citizen sitting on a ledge from the overpass. The citizen told the officers she was the mother of two children and battling cancer. The officers worked together as a team to block the traffic and ordered Dallas Fire Rescue while Officers Watson and Rice spent over an hour talking to the citizen. The officers established a rapport and gained her trust, continually reassuring her. They were able to convince her to let them take her to a hospital. 

On a cold day, November 28, 2015, the City of Dallas was under a flash flood warning. A 911 call came in regarding a female citizen trapped inside her vehicle in the freezing flood water near California Crossing and Wildwood Drive. The female citizen told the 911 dispatcher that the flood water had risen so high, it had reached her stomach. Her car was floating and moving in the water’s current. Due to the darkness and large area, it was very difficult for the officers to locate her, but they did not give up. They finally found her as the freezing flood waters continued to rise. The officers disregarded their own safety and quickly went into the deep and dark water. Senior Corporal Raciel Hernandez was able to make it to the citizen’s vehicle and forced her car door open and got her out and to safety. If not for his tenacity and refusing to give up, the life of a citizen could have been lost that day.

On December 14, 2015, Senior Corporal Pedro Alonzo and his partner were flagged down by a citizen stating there was a person attempting to jump off the bridge at 1000 S. Lamar Street. Officers blocked traffic and Sergeant Patrick Cronin arrived at the scene. While Sgt. Cronin talked to the citizen, Senior Corporal Alonzo was able to sneak up behind the citizen, grab him, and pull him to safety. Not pictured is Sergeant Patrick Cronin.

On January 3, 2016, Police Officer Jamal Robinson received a 911 call regarding an unresponsive two-year-old child at 2755 East Ledbetter Drive. Upon arrival, a crowd of people had gathered and waved Officer Robinson to come inside an apartment. Officer Robinson found the mother holding the child. He immediately grabbed the child and performed C.P.R. Upon learning that an ambulance that was ordered went to the wrong apartment, Officer Robinson and his partner wrapped the child in a blanket and ran through the complex to the awaiting ambulance. Paramedics were able to attach a breathing apparatus to assist the child in breathing, saving the child’s life. If not for Officer Robinson’s quick actions, the child might not have been saved. 


Southeast Dallas Chamber of Commerce Awards Officer

The Southeast Dallas Chamber of Commerce held an award ceremony on April 21, 2016. Senior Corporal Eric Hagan, a 26 year veteran of the department, was awarded the 2016 Outstanding Police Officer Award. 

Senior Corporal Eric Hagan has been assigned to the Southeast Patrol Division since December 2009. The department sincerely thanks the Southeast Chamber for providing recognition to one of our most outstanding officers for his dedicated service to the community.

Hagan SECC Award (3)


From Parks & Rec to City Hall

On February 17, 2016, City Council Member Adam Medrano recognized the Dallas PAL Boxing Program for their outstanding commitment and dedication to youth and the City of Dallas.

Council Member Medrano stated that it all began in early 2013 when Senior Corporal Daniel Espinosa stepped foot inside the Janie C. Turner Recreation center in Pleasant Grove, asking for permission to use their facilities in an attempt to teach kids how to box.  With the assistance of Recreation Manager Yolanda Carter and Coach George, a volunteer, the Boxing program kicked off.

It takes a lot of equipment to get a successful program started, but all Coach Danny had was high hopes and a bag full of hand wraps and boxing gloves.  There was no boxing ring or punching bags, but little by little the pieces came together and the boxing gym officially opened its door in May 2013.

Fast forward three years to today, the Dallas PAL boxing program accepted their Special Recognition Award for the reputation is had developed in creating champions. Great Job Dallas PAL. Keep up the outstanding work.

Assistant Chief Tammie Hughes Hosts Awards Ceremony

Dallas Police Assistant Chief Tammie Hughes hosted an award ceremony Friday, February 5, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. in the Donald A. Stafford Media Conference Room at the Jack Evans Police Headquarters. The presentation included awards for Medal of Honor, Medal of Valor, Life Saving, Perfect Attendance and Tenure.

Tenure and Perfect Attendance Awards were proudly given to the following employees for their service to the Dallas Police Department and the citizens of Dallas. 20 YEARS OF SERVICE – Office Assistant Linda M. Renio (not pictured)

        Tenure Awards

Perfect Attendance Awards



Medal of Honor and Life Saving Awards


On December 23, 2014, Police Officer Richard Stewart was on his way to work dressed in plain clothes in his personal vehicle. He observed two store clerks fighting a suspect in a parking lot. As he drove into the parking lot, he overheard one the clerks say that the suspect had a gun. The suspect yelled, “I am going to shoot you!” as he pointed the gun at the clerks. Officer Stewart immediately identified himself as a Dallas Police Officer, grabbed the suspects hand, and pointed the gun away from the store clerks. Officer Stewart and the suspect then wrestled over the gun. The suspect pointed the gun at Officer Stewart and attempted to shoot him. Officer Stewart was able to get his finger behind the trigger and prevent the gun from firing. At that time, the clerks began to hit the suspect and aid the officer. Officer Stewart gained control of the suspect. Uniformed officers arrived and handcuffed the suspect. Officer Stewart demonstrated courage in an extraordinary heroism in this extremely dangerous situation to prevent injury or possibly even death.


Medal of Valor


On October 8, 2015, Police Officer Christopher Berry, #10668 was in uniform, in his personal vehicle, on his way to an extra duty job. As he drove into a parking lot to get coffee, he observed two individuals wearing masks walk into a business and grab cash out of the registers. Officer Berry alerted 911 to send cover and waited for the suspects to exit the store. A struggle ensued between the suspects and the store owner. Officer Berry acted quickly. He gave loud verbal commands and pointed his gun at the suspects. As the suspects attempted to flee, Officer Berry grabbed and handcuffed one of the suspects. The other suspect fled but was later arrested. Officer Berry’s actions were selfless and courageous.

For more information regarding the above mentioned awards ceremony, please contact the Police Media Relations Unit at (214) 671-4065.  




Officer of the Month Award: December 2015

On December 1, 2015, the Dallas Police Awards Committee honored Senior Corporal Katherine Robinson #10007 as the Officer of the Month for December 2015. Senior Corporal Robinson has been with the department since September 2009 and is currently assigned to the Northeast Neighborhood Patrol Unit. Park Cities Club opened their doors to the Dallas Police Department along with the Military Order of World Wars, who sponsored the appreciation dinner on Senior Corporal Robinson’s behalf. The Dallas Police Awards Committee took time the time to give Katherine credit for her hard work and dedication to the Dallas Police Department.  Congratulations to Senior Corporal Katherine Robinson on her award for December 2015 Officer of the Month.

Please see the nomination letter below for more details regarding Senior Corporal Robinson’s award.

Foundation of The Month Award Goes To: Dallas Police Reserve Foundation

FullSizeRenderThe non-profit organization Executives in Action selected the Dallas Police Reserve Foundation as Foundation of the Month for August 2015. The ceremony took place on Monday, September 21, 2015, in the Donald A. Stafford Conference Room at Dallas Police Headquarters. Ashlee Klienert of the Hunt Family presented the reserve foundation with a check for $2,000 in an effort to enhance recruiting and training for the reserve officers.  The collaboration between the Dallas Police Reserve Foundation and Executives in Action began earlier this year and will continue to partner for years to come.

On behalf of the Dallas Police Department and the Dallas Police Reserve Foundation, thank you to Ashlee Klienert and Executives in Action.