Carry the Load 2018

Over the holiday weekend, thousands gathered in Dallas’ Reverchon Park to honor fallen service members and first responders. The Carry the Load Dallas Memorial March is a two day event that helps raise money for the organization’s Continuum of Care partners. The march began at 4:30 p.m., but the two day event also features live music, patriotic speeches, and stories honoring fallen heroes.

Carry the Load was founded by two former Navy SEALs as a way to restore the true meaning of Memorial Day and raise money to fund support programs for military, first responders, and their families. Several Dallas Police officers are participating in the march this Memorial Day weekend in remembrance of fallen family, friends, and co-workers. For more information visit, 




In response to the tragic event on July 7, 2016, the Dallas Police Department received an overwhelming show of support from communities around the world. It was comforting to see people come together from near and far and stand united with officers during this time of healing after the tragic loss of 5 officers. The heartfelt messages have provided a great source of inspiration and motivation to continue on this journey to keep Dallas safe. A year later, members of the Dallas Police Department expressed their appreciation for the continuing support. We are Dallas Strong. Thank you.




Special Recognition for Heroic Citizens that Assisted Sr. Cpl. Ordogne

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On June 7, 2017 at 9:15 a.m., a special recognition was held at City Hall to honor the citizens that assisted Senior Corporal Ordogne after his squad car was hit and overturned into a creek. Among those recognized were Albert Moreno, Charles Rogers, Richard Robertson, Lenora Jefferson, Jorge Nava Martinez, Sam Khater, Rosemary Mendoza and Marco Lopez.

Mr. Robertson and his wife, Lenora were the first to run down the creek after they witnessed the truck strike the squad car. She dialed 911 while he talked to the officer to keep him calm and awake. He also called for others to come and help.

Ms. Mendoza went down the creek and held the officer’s hand until the others gathered to assist Senior Corporal Ordogne. She has medical training and was ready to assist if needed.

Mr. Rogers, Mr. Martinez, Mr. Khater and Mr. Lopez all heard the accident and ran to render aid. They worked diligently with Mr. Robertson to push the car onto its side.

Mr. Moreno, a City of Dallas employee, noticed police cars responding and followed them. He joined the others, grabbed the officer by the waist and helped pull the officer out of the vehicle.

The mayor, council members and DPD command staff were present as Council Member Carolyn King Arnold recognized these heroic citizens. Assistant Chief Martinez thanked them for their selfless act. Chief Martinez said, “They came to us at a moment of crisis, and at the times when we see the worst in humanity this was a moment that they showed us the best of humanity.” 



The “We Remember” Memorial Bicycle Trek Across Texas

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Today, members of the “We Remember” Memorial Bicycle Trek Across Texas stopped by the Dallas Police Jack Evans Headquarters Building to deliver memorial plaques for the four Dallas Police Officers who lost their lives July 7, 2016.  The Memorial Bicycle Trek Across Texas group is a team of cyclists who will cover more than 2,309 miles of Texas soil, visiting each city, town, and county that lost an officer or officers in 2016.  Both sworn and non-sworn members of the Dallas Police Department gathered in front of headquarters as the riders arrived and delivered their signature flag, cross, and plaques. The Memorial Bicycle Trek cyclists also delivered a memorial plaque to the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Police Department (DART), in honor of their fallen officer who also lost his life July 7, 2016.

The Memorial Trek cyclists have been riding across Texas in honor of fallen law enforcement officers since 1993. Their mission is to bring attention to the daily dedication to duty and self-sacrifice that each of these officers made for their community and this state. They hope to show the families of Texas’ fallen, that their loved one will always be remembered and honored by all law enforcement officers of this great state.

K9 “Chief on the Beat”

Saturday, May 14th at Reverchon Park & Rec

This past Saturday, May 14th we held our K9 Unit “Chief on the Beat” at Reverchon Park and Recreation Center. The staff of Reverchon Rec, Central Neighborhood Patrol Unit, Community Affairs, and the K9 Unit came together over the past couple of months to plan this four-legged family day of fun.

We began hosting a K9 focused “Chief on the Beat” event in 2014 with our first one being held at Samuell Grand Recreation Center. Similar to our other “Chief on the Beat” events we invite a variety of service providers and Dallas Police Department units to come out and provide information to those in attendance. This year we were joined by DFW Furgotten Friends, Mosaic Family Services, Chihuahua Rescue and Transport, DART, Dallas Fire-Rescue, and the DPD Recruiting team  to name a few.

We appreciate all of our sponsors, volunteers, and vendors who helped make this event a success.

You can use the hashtag  “#ChiefontheBeat” on Twitter to check out posts from our previous “Chief on the Beat” events. Stay in the know of any of our upcoming “Chief on the Beat” events using the following Social Media Sites:

Twitter: @DallasPD & @DPDCA

Facebook: Dallas Police Department Community Affairs


Chick-fil-A Race Benefits Operation Blue Shield

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Saturday morning, March 26, 2016, the community came out for the Chick-fil-A Community Race Series. Runners came out to run a 10k, 5k, and 1 mile Fun Run. There was family fun for everyone! Children were able to enjoy the free Family Fun Zone.

Thank you to everyone who came out to show their support for Operation Blue Shield!

For more information on Operation Blue Shield visit:


Officers Working the Violent Crime Task Force Get a Boost From Anonymous Thank You Note

Officers assigned to the Dallas Police Violent Crime Task Force were greeted with a pleasant surprise as they walked back to their squad car after working hard in the Five Points area of the city the other day. The officers found a heart-warming thank you note from a caring citizen who wanted to acknowledge the officers for their work in the area.

Sergeant Sparacino, who is working in the Violent Crime Task Force, tweeted a picture of the note along with a message that read, “This was left on the window of my officer’s car…makes us feel good and reminds us why we are out here.” 

To the citizen who left this note, we want to say thank you for the support and encouragement. It truly means a lot to all of our officers when they get a sincere thank you from the people they serve. 



Dallas Cowboys Honor First Responders!

On January 3, 2016, the Dallas Cowboys honored First Responders. Over 300 First Responders from across the region participated in this amazing event. The department had several officers who were able to attend this great event.

The half-time show was the playing of the Bag Pipes and Drums as everyone took center stage. Thanks  to the Dallas Cowboy organization and the Arlington Police  Department for organizing this event. The overwhelming support from the fans made everyone proud of what we all do each day.  We look forward to next year’s special day dedicated to First Responders! Once again thank you.

Students at Fowler Middle School Write Letters to Dallas Police Officers


The Dallas Police Department would like to give a huge thank you to the seventh and eighth grade students of Fowler Middle School in Coach Rutland’s class for writing thank you letters to police officers and firefighters in Dallas, Frisco, and Plano. Coach Rutland said she wanted her students to be “appreciative of law enforcement officers and firefighters.”

She said, “my students and I both admire the work and service your profession carries out. Words can only express a portion; however, I hope these letters show the impact and difference you all make. It does not go unnoticed.”

One student, Eric, stated in his letter, “I”m writing to thank you for putting yourself in the way of my family and the not-so-great people of the world. By doing so, it really shows that you care for your community, your people, and your country.”

Another student, Milith, said “It’s hard to imagine what it would be like without you. Everyone would be living in fear and terror while bad people roamed the street. But people like you are brave enough to get out there and put a halt to criminals. You are one of the main reasons we are leading happy lives. I think I can speak for the whole world when I say THANK YOU!”

Thank you again to Coach Rutland and her students for taking the time to write letters for our officers. We truly appreciate your kind words and the show of support.




Chick-fil-A Kids Club Night of Heroes

Chick fil a

On Tuesday, September 22, 2015, the Chick-fil-A Kids Club located at 6176 Retail Road held “Night of Heroes”.  Twenty-five kids who are registered with the Kids Club were invited to enjoy a meal from 5-7 pm with local Dallas Police Officers from the Northeast Patrol Division. The manager, Brandon Veazey was the host of the event and made sure the kids, parents, and officers all had a good time. A special appearance was even made by the Chick-fil-A cow. 

The department would like to thank Chick-fil-A for their support and backing the Blue!