Dallas Police Attend Deputy Goforth’s Funeral


Dallas Police officers showed their support for Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth and his family as he was laid to rest on September 4, 2015. About 50 officers traveled to the Houston area and attended Deputy Goforth’s funeral.

All members of the Dallas Police Department participated in Governor Abbott’s Red and Blue Light initiative honoring the family of Deputy Darren Goforth, the Harris County Sheriff’s Department and all law enforcement officers across the country.

Homemade Cards for Homegrown Heroes

Pic 3On January 2, 2015, the Dallas METRO Task Force received a pleasant surprise from a special young lady named Savannah Solis. Savannah Solis is a 10 year old, whose mission is to deliver homemade cards to law enforcement officers. Savannah has sent over 300 cards to different agencies, including the New York Police Department, to show her support and appreciation. Last night, her parents drove her from Tyler, TX to Dallas, to personally deliver thank-you cards to our police officers at the Jack Evans Headquarters. In light of the recent events, her thoughtful actions resonate in our officers’ hearts and remind us of why we put on our uniforms every day to serve our citizens. The Dallas Police Department would like to thank Savannah Solis and her family for taking the time and effort to show us how much you care. Savannah, we will always keep watch.

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