Great Team Work Does It Again!!!

Charlie Perez

Charlie Perez

Dallas Police Northwest Deployment and Crime Response Team officers had been following Burglary of a Motor Vehicle suspect, Charlie Perez, White male 31 years old, for several days.  After Suspect Perez failed to report to his parole officer on January 21, 2015, the officers started checking addresses that he was known to frequent.  Officers located his vehicle at his girlfriend’s apartment which was located in the 5000 block of Preston Oaks.

When officers attempted to make contact with Suspect Perez, he fled out the back door and attempted to evade the officers.  Suspect Perez was subsequently apprehended and transported to the Northwest Investigative Unit, where he was interviewed by Detectives G. Waller and D. Allen.  Suspect Perez gave  detectives little information regarding the offenses he had actually committed, but he did take the detectives to several locations that he uses to fence his stolen property.

On January 20, 2015, Detectives G. Waller and D. Allen served a search warrant on the vehicle that Perez was in when he evaded the officers.  Suspect Perez abandoned the car in McKinney, TX.   McKinney officers towed the vehicle and notified the detectives that a large amount of property was found in the trunk. 

As a result of the search warrant and the arrest of suspect Charlie Perez, detectives were able to clear nine (9) offenses and were able to return property on six (6) of the offenses to their owners.  Detectives are still searching through cases to determine if Charlie Perez is responsible.  Great Team Work!!!