Community Day of Service with Leadership Dallas Alumni Group

On Saturday, January 30, 2017,  the Dallas Police Department’s Office of Community Affairs along with Central Business District Senior Corporal Songer partnered up with the Leadership Dallas Alumni group for a “Day of Service” in Downtown Dallas. The day started early with an official kick-off at the Dallas Public Library main location at 7:30 a.m. 

This Leadership Dallas “Day of Service” included service projects at the following locations:

  • The Bridge Homeless Shelter
  • Crossroads Community Center
  • Dallas Life Foundation
  • The Stewpot
  • Family Gateway


The day included painting murals, sorting clothes and shoes, as well as engaging with residents who utilize many of the services offered. We would like to thank Leadership Dallas Alumni for including us in their Day of Service and we look forward to our continued partnership serving the Dallas community. Check out #LDACommunityDay on Twitter for more pictures and posts.



Non – Sworn Employee of the Month June 2016

IMG_4621The Office of Community affairs is proud to announce  Outreach Representative Eunsup Kim as The Non – Sworn Employee of the Month for June 2016.

Eunsup Kim has been with the Dallas Police Department for over 20 years.  For all of his 20 years he has been an integral part of the Dallas Police Department efforts serving as a liaison with the Korean community.

Over his span of 20 years he has made a continuous and consistent relationship with several Asian media outlets and has been featured in several Korean news productions. In the first couple of months of 2016, Outreach Rep Eunsup Kim made contact with over 150 members of the Asian community.

Mr. Kim has completed several translations for the Office of Community Affairs and does a phenomenal job creating presentations and presenting safety information and crime prevention tips to the Korean community.

Eunsup Kim is always a ready, willing, active, and engaged participant in all of our community outreach efforts and can be depended on to help us all with planning and execution of our community events. He is a dependable and positive asset to have for the Office of Community Affairs.IMG_4619

Eunsup Kim has connected with several individuals within the Dallas Police Department  over the years who would agree that he’s very deserving of the recognition of Employee of the Month.




DART Older Americans Month Information and Health Fair

The Dallas Police Department participated in this year’s “DART Older Americans Month Information and Health Fair” out at Fair Park. DART has been hosting the event for the past 22 years and asked Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown to be this year’s special guest. Chief Brown addressed the crowd and thanked everyone for their support and involvement in the community.

The Centennial Hall at Fair Park was packed with vendors who were providing health care information to the participants, while the Dallas Tap Dazzlers performed for the boisterous crowd. Everyone had a great time dancing and mingling with Chief Brown as he made his rounds through the crowd. Thank you to everyone who participated in today’s event! We can’t wait to be a part of it again next year! 

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The White House: Police Data Initiative

The Dallas Police Department was invited to The White House today for the Police Data Initiative.  Leading law enforcement agencies along with technologists, researchers, and community stakeholders around the country met with Senior Administration and White House Officials.  They shared experiences, resources, technology tools and data innovation leveraged to increase trust between police and citizens as called for by the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing.

The meeting started with opening statements by Clarence Wardell III of the U.S. Digital Service at The White House followed by Megan Smith, the U.S. Chief Technology Officer. They both stressed the importance of having a good relationship between police departments and the citizens they are sworn to serve.

The panel was moderated by Roy Austin, Deputy Assistant to the President for Urban Affairs. Prior to sitting down at the table to partake in a very informative Q&A, he invited the three panelists to come up one at a time to discuss what they have done in their departments.

Chief Brown

Chief Brown was the first to take the podium and stated, “it starts with transparency.” He then mentioned the Dixon Circle incident where a Dallas Police officer, who happened to be white, shot an unarmed subject, who happened to be black. Immediately after the event unfolded, false rumors spread throughout the neighborhood that the officer shot the suspect in the back while he was running away.  Chief Brown explained why it was so important to get the facts out quickly, “Facts became the great equalizer for us.”

He went on to talk about how “trust is hard to earn and easy to lose.” According to Chief Brown, information belongs to the citizens and “we believe that police data is citizen data and we are the caretakers of the data.” He also talked about how the Dallas Police Department has implemented policies and training to ensure citizen and officer safety during interactions.  He emphasized the importance of using de-escalation, time and distance. If there is any misconduct, “we have to hold accountable the very small number of officers that violate our deadly force and use of force policies,” said Brown. 

He closed his statements by saying, “transparency is the beginning point, but you also have to have policy, training and you have to hold the small few officers accountable, so you can protect the integrity of the vast majority that makes us all proud.”


Other panelists were Wendy R. Harn, Chief Data Officer with the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department, and Assistant Chief of Police Robert Schroeder of the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department.

To continue with transparency, the Dallas Police Department is proud to add the Response to Resistance database to our internet site. Here is the link

Dallas Police and Equality Texas Launch Anti-Discrimination Campaign During National Crime Victims’ Week

at1On Monday, April 11, 2016, the Dallas Police Department joined forces with Equality Texas, the largest statewide organization fighting for LGBT equality, to launch a new campaign to battle LGBT discrimination and bring attention to hate crimes in Dallas. During a press conference at the Dallas Police Headquarters, Major Max Geron of the Crimes Against Persons Division said, “The Dallas Police Department is proud to partner with Equality Texas for this kickoff to National Crime Victims’ Week. We support their efforts to bring attention to LGBT victims of crime.” 

Sheriff Lupe Valdez, members of the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department, Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk, Dallas City Council Member Adam Medrano and recent victims of hate crimes were also in attendance

For more information contact Susan Risdon, Equality Texas, at (214) 226-6741.


Dallas PAL & Explorers Attend Amelia Earhart Luncheon

On Saturday, February 20, 2016, Dallas PAL and Dallas Explorers attended the Zonta Club of Dallas Amelia Earhart Luncheon at Arlington Hall in Lee Park.  This event is for ladies only and is all about empowering young women through STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

The PAL boxers, scholars and Explorers enjoyed a three course formal meal in the beautiful main ballroom surrounded by very successful women from our own city.  The guest speaker was an Amelia Earhart Fellow who is a graduate student at University of California, Berkley.  The girls learned about scholarships and fellowships. Our young ladies left this fabulous event with the understanding that they have many options and have many people who believe in them.  Three of our own girls won table prizes!

PAL CollageThank you to the Zonta Club of Dallas for including Dallas PAL and Dallas Explorers in the 2016 Amelia Earhart luncheon.

For more information on Dallas PAL and Explorers, please visit their Facebook pages at the links below.

Dallas PAL

Dallas Explorers


From Parks & Rec to City Hall

On February 17, 2016, City Council Member Adam Medrano recognized the Dallas PAL Boxing Program for their outstanding commitment and dedication to youth and the City of Dallas.

Council Member Medrano stated that it all began in early 2013 when Senior Corporal Daniel Espinosa stepped foot inside the Janie C. Turner Recreation center in Pleasant Grove, asking for permission to use their facilities in an attempt to teach kids how to box.  With the assistance of Recreation Manager Yolanda Carter and Coach George, a volunteer, the Boxing program kicked off.

It takes a lot of equipment to get a successful program started, but all Coach Danny had was high hopes and a bag full of hand wraps and boxing gloves.  There was no boxing ring or punching bags, but little by little the pieces came together and the boxing gym officially opened its door in May 2013.

Fast forward three years to today, the Dallas PAL boxing program accepted their Special Recognition Award for the reputation is had developed in creating champions. Great Job Dallas PAL. Keep up the outstanding work.

Connecting With The Chief On The Beat

Have you ever seen the show “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee?” The concept is very simple. A popular comedian drives around in a car with a celebrity to get coffee and have an interesting conversation that is all being recorded along the way.

Well, Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown decided to take the comedic concept, but transform it into a way to have productive, one-on-one time with community leaders to discuss neighborhood issues. 

Chief Brown wanted to ride around with the most outspoken community leaders, so he could hear about problem areas directly from the people who live there. Chief Brown explains, “The purpose is connecting with their concerns and making them ours.” 

Below is the first episode of “Connecting with the Chief on the Beat” featuring Downtown Community Leader, Tanya Ragan:

Santa Chief

Chief Santa

Christmas time is here, a time for joy and time for cheer. Those holiday words stemmed from a song written years ago, but today, Dallas’ own Chief of Police expressed those sentiments in his own way. Chief David O. Brown transformed today into “Santa Chief” spreading joy and cheer to many of our senior citizens.

Santa Chief decided to do away with his police blues for the day and dawned a full fledge Santa suit, beard and all. He passed out gifts to senior citizen at the E.E. Cummings Recreation Center in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas. Chief Brown makes no secret that he is a proud homegrown Dallasite who believes in giving a return in a community that invested so much in him. “I wanted to pass out gifts in this area, it’s my way of giving back,” expressed Chief Brown. Santa Chief accomplished his goal and brought many smiles to the citizens in attendance as he passed out gifts and expressions of love.


Christmas Lights in Hamilton Park

IMG_0095The Hamilton Park Civic League has a holiday project for their community. Each year they choose members of their neighborhood/community who are handicapped, elderly, or shut-in and decorate their homes for Christmas.  Volunteers from the Civic League, Northeast Patrol Division, and Texas Instruments come into the community and provide Christmas lights and decorations to decorate the homes. The objective is to cheer these individuals up and to remind them that they are an important part of the community and are not forgotten during the holidays. 

This will be the fourth year that the Northeast Patrol Division and Texas Instruments have been involved in the community project. 


Officers at Northeast Patrol Division look forward to this project every year and are glad that they can assist with adding cheer and joy to individuals that may easily be overlooked during the holidays.