The White House: Police Data Initiative

The Dallas Police Department was invited to The White House today for the Police Data Initiative.  Leading law enforcement agencies along with technologists, researchers, and community stakeholders around the country met with Senior Administration and White House Officials.  They shared experiences, resources, technology tools and data innovation leveraged to increase trust between police and citizens as called for by the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing.

The meeting started with opening statements by Clarence Wardell III of the U.S. Digital Service at The White House followed by Megan Smith, the U.S. Chief Technology Officer. They both stressed the importance of having a good relationship between police departments and the citizens they are sworn to serve.

The panel was moderated by Roy Austin, Deputy Assistant to the President for Urban Affairs. Prior to sitting down at the table to partake in a very informative Q&A, he invited the three panelists to come up one at a time to discuss what they have done in their departments.

Chief Brown

Chief Brown was the first to take the podium and stated, “it starts with transparency.” He then mentioned the Dixon Circle incident where a Dallas Police officer, who happened to be white, shot an unarmed subject, who happened to be black. Immediately after the event unfolded, false rumors spread throughout the neighborhood that the officer shot the suspect in the back while he was running away.  Chief Brown explained why it was so important to get the facts out quickly, “Facts became the great equalizer for us.”

He went on to talk about how “trust is hard to earn and easy to lose.” According to Chief Brown, information belongs to the citizens and “we believe that police data is citizen data and we are the caretakers of the data.” He also talked about how the Dallas Police Department has implemented policies and training to ensure citizen and officer safety during interactions.  He emphasized the importance of using de-escalation, time and distance. If there is any misconduct, “we have to hold accountable the very small number of officers that violate our deadly force and use of force policies,” said Brown. 

He closed his statements by saying, “transparency is the beginning point, but you also have to have policy, training and you have to hold the small few officers accountable, so you can protect the integrity of the vast majority that makes us all proud.”


Other panelists were Wendy R. Harn, Chief Data Officer with the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department, and Assistant Chief of Police Robert Schroeder of the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department.

To continue with transparency, the Dallas Police Department is proud to add the Response to Resistance database to our internet site. Here is the link

Pharmacy Burglars Strike Again

On Friday, June 12, 2015, at about 7:40 a.m., three suspects wearing masks, gloves, and jackets forced entry into the MD Kid’s Pharmacy located at 3201 W. Saner Avenue.  The suspects pried door open and took several bottles of prescription medicines.  One of the suspects is wearing a distinctive black jacket with a red stripe.  Below are still photos and video from this offense.

Detectives believe that these same three suspects are also responsible for twelve previous pharmacy burglaries. The list of burglar offenses that have occurred are listed below.

Name Address Date Case Number
Metro Care 1350 N. Westmoreland Road 1/9/2015 007062-2015
University General Hospital 2929 S. Hampton Road 2/16/2015 036664-2015
Concentra Urgent Care 5520 S. Westmoreland Road 3/5/2015 0491159-2015
Pearson Clinis 801 N. Zang Blvd 5/3/2015 0099294-2015
First Choice 5801 MD Love Suite 403 5/4/2015 099783-2015
Panacea 1050 N. Westmoreland Road 5/18/2015 111585-2015
First Choice 5801 MD Love Suite 403 5/20/2015 113540-2015
Avita Drugs 219 Sunset Avenue 5/31/2015 123291-2015
KK’s Pharmacy 2480 W. Illinois Avenue 6/7/2015 13183-2015
Kaye Pharmacy 2440 W. Illinois Avenue 6/10/2015 131808-2015
MD Children’s Pediartics of Dallas 3201 W. Saner Avenue 6/10/2015 131812-2015
Allied Pharmacy 2701 S. Hampton Road 6/10/2015 131835-2015

The Dallas Police Department is requesting the public’s help.  Please contact Detective Wilkins of the Southwest Investigative Uint at 214-671-0524 or Crime Stoppers at 214-373-8477. 

Public Access Police Reports Back Online

dpd stock photo

On June 1, 2014, the Dallas Police Department launched its new Records Management System which is used to house offense and arrest records.  During the transition to the new system crime information has not been available to the public.  The Dallas Police Department’s Public Report Portal will open Friday, August 15th, at 9:00 a.m.  This website represents a filtered version of the data contained within that application for the purpose of the sharing of non-sensitive data with the citizens of Dallas.  This data should not be used for statistical purposes as it only represents data that is releasable to the General Public.

 At this time, most reports normally available to the public will again be accessible via the internet thru the Dallas Police Department’s website,; however, it is possible that due to manual corrections that still need to be made, not all reports will be available at this time.  The Department is working to ensure all  information is available as soon as possible. 

 As we continue the transition to the new reporting format the amount of data will increase within the Open Data Portal to the point that only reports which should be filtered out will be available.  Reports that will not be available include the following:


  • Sexually oriented offenses
  • Offenses where juveniles or children (individuals under 17 years of age) are the victim or suspect
  • Listing of property items that are considered evidence
  • Social Service Referral offenses
  • Identifying vehicle information in certain offenses