White Rock Partnership, East Dallas Neighborhoods and Businesses, and Safer Dallas partner to support DPD


On May 17, 2016, a Banner Draping Ceremony was held in front of Jack Evans Headquarters. Gary Griffith, President of Safer Dallas Better Dallas and David Pittman, Chairman of the White Rock Partnership joined Chief David O. Brown to drape the “We Support Our Dallas Police Officers” banner that was presented on May 10, 2016.

On May 10, 2016, White Rock Partnership Chairman David Pittman, Safer Dallas President Gary Griffith, and East Dallas Neighborhood Residents & Businesses presented Chief David O. Brown and his 7 Patrol Division Commanders with a “We Support Our Dallas Police Officers” banner to be posted outside of each patrol divisions as well as Jack Evans Police Headquarters.   The banners represent an overwhelming support and appreciation by neighborhoods and businesses throughout the city of Dallas who recognizes the commitment and dedication demonstrated daily by the sworn and non-sworn members of the department. 

In addition, on May 19, 2016, White Rock Partnership, East Dallas Neighborhoods & Businesses, and Safer Dallas are lighting downtown Dallas “blue” to further show their backing of officers during National Police Appreciation Week.  Major downtown buildings, electronic signs, and even television news stations will be turning it all blue to show their support.  Social media sites, press releases, and various magazines will also reflect their gratitude for local law enforcement.  The Dallas Police Department is truly thankful for our partners, our great citizens, and various other organizations for their overwhelming support.

Safer Dallas Banner

Safer Dallas Better Dallas: Community Engagement

On Thursday, April 28, 2016, the Dallas Police Department hosted the Safer Dallas Steering Committee Meeting at the Jack Evans Headquarters. The meeting was opened by Safer Dallas President, Gary Griffith, who was followed by Nancy Wilson of White Rock Partnership and Officer Bervin Smith of the Northeast Patrol Division. They spoke about the partnership between Safer Dallas Better Dallas and the Northeast Patrol Division and their Community Engagement Initiative. This initiative encourages communities to have a supportive role in public safety and quality of life issues. FullSizeRender

Dallas District Attorney Susan Hawk spoke about the different initiatives that the District Attorney’s office has implemented to ensure the safety of the citizens in the City of Dallas. One of the programs highlighted was the Community Response Team. This team is composed of three prosecutors who focus on the repeat offenders who are the biggest threat to the community.

safer gunSafer Dallas Executive Board Members also announced their campaign to help purchase Standard 40mm Single Launcher guns for the Dallas Police Department. These guns use less than lethal ammunition and would be a great addition to the Department.  They can be used from a longer distance than a Taser, giving the officers an opportunity to control a situation without being in extreme close proximity to the suspect.

IMG_6454.JPGAlso, a check was presented to Chief David O. Brown by John Forest, Chairman of the Dallas Rotary Club, for the launch of the 2nd Annual “Let’s Talk” Youth Engagement Program. Chief Brown thanked the Dallas Rotary Club and everyone who supports the Dallas Police Department. He asked for citizens to join him in thanking the officers for all their hard work and dedication to the City of Dallas.

At the end of the meeting, the late Jack Hammack, one of the founders of Safer Dallas Better Dallas, was honored. His son, Al Hammack, took the stage and offered kinds words regarding his father and Charles Terrell, co-founder of Safer Dallas Better Dallas. He commented on how his dad would often ask people if they ever wonder if they have made a difference in the world. He then went on to say that Dallas Police officers do not need to wonder if they have made a difference because they make a difference every day.

The mission of Safer Dallas Better Dallas is to protect residents from becoming victims of crime and to engage them in a partnership with the Dallas Police Department, to support the efforts of Dallas police officers, and to make Dallas America’s safest big city.


Chief David O. Brown and Safer Dallas Better Dallas Make Big Announcement

On September 3, 2015, Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown hosted a press conference along with the Safer Dallas Better Dallas board members and steering committee. During the press conference, the president of Safer Dallas Better Dallas, Mr. Gary Griffith, presented Chief Brown with a check for $20,000 for the purchase of body cameras for the next academy class.

Dallas Police Department Executive Assistant Chief David Pughes made a major announcement about plans for a new reality based training facility. Safer Dallas Better Dallas is leading a $2 million campaign to fund the development of the training facility that will be modeled after the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s in Quantico, Va. The facility will be a mock city with buildings and roadways that will allow officers to train in a more realistic environment.

Executive Assistant Chief Pughes said, “the Department of Justice has stated that reality based training is the best training that law enforcement officers can be provided with.” Chief Brown has already tripled the reality based training staff and is committed to providing Dallas Police officers with the best training in the country in order to make Dallas America’s safest big city.