DPD SWAT Officer Helps Save Man’s Life

Over the weekend, Senior Corporal Darian Loera #7956 was attending a ceremony in which his parents were being honored.  During the event, a colleague of the Catholic Diocese went into cardiac arrest.  Senior Corporal Loera immediately began chest compressions while a Registered Nurse, Magali Reynoso obtained an Automated External Defibrillator and they were able to render medical treatment until emergency personnel could arrive. Mr. Heflin is out of ICU and is recovering. This was an outstanding effort as Senior Corporal Loera continues to recover from multiple gunshot wounds sustained during an operation last November.  He forgot about his injuries and jumped into action to save another’s life. Great job Senior Corporal Loera!

Pictured below is a tweet from Bishop Edward Burns thanking Sr. Cpl Loera and Magali for their heroic actions.

Narcotics/ SWAT – Barricaded Person(s) Incident – 2100 Block of Chatham Square Court

On March 21, 2017, at about 8:54 p.m., Dallas Narcotics officers were serving a warrant in the 2100 block of Chatham Square Court. As Narcotics officers reached the front of the residence, shots were fired at the officers. The situation was then treated as a barricaded person(s) incident. Dallas SWAT officers were notified and responded to the scene. Eventually, three individuals were taken into custody without incident. No officers were injured. The investigation is ongoing. This incident is documented on case number 063868-2017.

Aggravated Robbery Suspect Caught

On January 14, 2015, at approximately 9:04pm, Officers responded to a Robbery in Progress call in the 4300 block of Travis. The suspect, a White male, approached the victim’s vehicle, displayed a gun and demanded money. The victim was able to drive away and call for police. 

Suspect was spotted by officers walking near the location where they were talking to the victim. The suspect, while being approached by uniformed officers, jumped into a vehicle and fled the location. The officers followed the suspect, but they lost the suspect vehicle temporarily. The vehicle was spotted again by officers and a short pursuit ensued until the suspect vehicle became disabled.

The suspect had another person in the vehicle with him. They both barricaded themselves in the vehicle. SWAT was notified, but before SWAT arrived officers at the scene were able to convince both individuals to surrender. They are both in custody.


Seven Aggravated Assaults on Public Servants

UPDATE: Yesterday at about 2:50 PM Dallas 911 operators received a call from the suspect, Douglas Leguin, involved in the incident on North 40 Place.  The suspect advised that that he was “seceding from the nation” because he was upset with the current state of the government. 

During the call he mentioned that he was heavily armed and that he had warned the individuals inside a house in the 5540 block of N. 40 Place to get out. 

 Those residents sought shelter inside the house and SWAT officers were able to rescue them once Explosive Ordinance Unit officers were able to dismantle the suspicious devices and bottles filled with some type of flammable liquid.  At this point, Detectives are uncertain as to why Leguin chose the particular house he did and continue to investigate the incident.

 Leguin has been charged with 7 counts of Aggravated Assault on Public Servants stemming from the shots he fired at 1st responders.  We are consulting with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives regarding possible charges related to the suspicious devices found in the yard.

The investigation thus far indicates that Leguin acted alone and detectives have found no affirmative ties to any group or anti-government movement.

Update: The suspect charged with seven aggravated assaults on public servants is 60-year-old Douglas Lee Leguin. This incident is documented on case number 193069-2014.


dpd stock photoOn August 11, 2014, at approximately 3:00pm, Dallas Fire and Rescue responded to a call at Frankford and North Forty Place regarding a dumpster fire.  When DFR arrived, an unknown suspect shot rounds at the fire fighters, striking the fire engine at least twice.  The firefighters were not injured and were able to put out an assist. Dallas officers were dispatched to the location on an assist.  In the meantime, another call came out to the same location just moments prior the shooting.  However, the information in the call sheet was relating to a Want to Locate that originated from the Denton County Sheriff Department.  Officers dispatched on the Want to Locate where met with gun fire from the same suspect.  The officers were able to retreat, setup a perimeter, and then call for SWAT.

Unbeknownst to the first responder, the suspect had earlier approached a residence where a female adult and small child was confronted by the suspect.  The suspect made threatening remarks which made the female and small child retreat into the residence and seek shelter.

Upon SWAT arrival, the suspect subsequently surrendered.  The suspect left suspicious devices outside the residence at which time Explosive Ordinance Unit was called to the location and rendered the devices safe.      The suspect is in custody and will be charged with 7 count of Aggravated Assault on a Public Servant.  Other charges may be pending.

Dallas Police Department Chief Mechanic Karen Prevette Receives National Award

Every occupation has its jargon and in the City of Dallas, Air 1 is known for being our eyes in the skies. Picture this: a Dallas Police helicopter pilot soaring through the air, verbally guiding marked police vehicles as officers on the ground handle the situation at hand. This is not possible without a proper and fully functional aircraft. This is where the hard work, dedication and expertise of Chief Mechanic Karen Prevette is critical. Her skill-set is impeccable, which is why Karen Prevett received the 2014 Airborne Law Enforcement Association (ALEA) Technical Specialist of the Year award in Phoenix, Arizona Friday, July 18, 2014.

Karen is no stranger to mechanical work. She served in the United States Army from April 1983 until November 1989, where she started as a helicopter mechanic and through her persistence, she promoted to the level of Inspector.

After leaving the Army, a federal government military contractor pursued her because of her indispensable craft, at which time she accepted a position as a senior flight mechanic and ultimately again achieved the level of Inspector.

In March 1998, Karen continued her quest to excel in mechanics and sought a career with the Dallas Police Department Helicopter Unit, where relentlessly she maintains Air 1 as our eyes in the skies.

Congratulations to Chief Mechanic Karen Prevette for this prestigious recognition.

Fellow police pilots Libby Cotner, Russell Brookshire and Sergeant Todd Limerick were the driving force behind the nomination.


Officer Involved Shooting


dpd stock photoAt approximately 5:45 am, a witness called 911 from a convenience store located at Southwestern and Skillman. The caller informed the 911 Call Taker that a female complainant approached the witness and said that she was being held against her will.  The complainant gave an address on Belmont Avenue before being made to leave by a male suspect. This information led officers to a residence in the 6000 block of Belmont Avenue. 

Once the officers arrived, they observed the female complainant and the male suspect walk outside the residence onto the front porch when the suspect suddenly shot the complainant.  An officer returned fire at the suspect.  The suspect retreated back into the residence while the officers rescued the complainant and moved her to a safe location until DFR arrived.

Shortly thereafter, the officers heard multiple shots being fired from inside the residence.  They set up a perimeter and called for SWAT.

The female complainant was transported to Baylor Hospital where she remains in critical condition.

SWAT arrived and took control of the scene.  After several hours of trying to reach the suspect inside, SWAT deployed a distraction device and made entry.  At about 11:20 am, SWAT discovered the suspect deceased inside the residence.

There were no officers injured during this incident.  It appears thus far that only one officer discharged his weapon.    However, the investigation is still in the early stages and information may change.  As a common course of action, the involved officer(s) will be placed on Administrative Leave.     




Nation’s Premier Tactical Physician Honored!

Dr. Alexander Eastman is one of five University of Texas alumni who were selected by the Texas Exes to receive the 2014 Outstanding Young Texas Ex Award.

Dr. Eastman is not only an Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas and an Interim Medical Director of the Trauma Center at Parkland Memorial Hospital; he is also a Lieutenant in the reserves with the Dallas Police Department and serves as the Tactical Medical Director with SWAT.

Dr. Alex Eastman

Dr. Alex Eastman

Below is a press release that highlights some of his previous awards.  You can also follow him on Twitter @PMHTrauma_ALE but try not to use #overachiever! You can also catch him in a recent press conference on the use of life-saving tourniquets here! 🙂  Congratulations Alex!!