iWatch Dallas


The Dallas Police Department is committed to serving the citizens of Dallas through a cooperative working relationship between the police and the people they serve. The success of solving crime lies in the actions of the citizens who have knowledge of, or view these criminal acts. With your help, we can all strive to make Dallas a safer place to live and play.

iWatch Dallas is a community awareness program that educates the community about suspicious activities & criminal behaviors. iWatch Dallas focuses on criminal behavior and criminal enterprises that could also indicate a nexus to terrorist activities. Citizens are provided a convenient reporting method to provide tips and leads to police concerning crime that is affecting their community.

iWatch Dallas allows our citizens to harness the communication capabilities of the internet/social networking sites to report crime tips and leads. This site will be a new and innovative tool to increase our community wide effort to reduce crime.

To learn more about the iWatch Dallas Program, please click on the links below.

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All tips are reviewed by Dallas Police Detectives and are anonymous. If you wish to be contacted for additional information or follow-up, please provide a method to contact you in your tip submission.

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