Buyer Beware! New Scam Involving Craigslist and PS4

The Dallas Police Department Financial Crimes Unit has been made aware of two instances of this scam. The victim will find an ad posted on Craigslist regarding the purchase of the new PS4 (which just came out on Christmas) at a reduced rate of $350. The swindler directs the victim to meet him at the Sony Store at a known retail center. The conversations will all take place via cell phone. The swindler tells the victim to purchase a MoneyPak card for $500. 00. He then tells the victim to meet him at the store or he will state that he is already at the store. He then tells the victim that before he can come out of the store with the merchandise, he needs the pin number to the card to ensure the money is in the account. Once the swindler obtains the pin number the con is over. The swindler now has the money and  the victim has lost $500.

Citizens, please beware of scams that have ads marketing new items such as IPHONE 5, PS4 or Xbox 1 at reduced rates. Even if the con man had this merchandise and was offering it at a substantial discount, it is likely to be  stolen which could result in you receiving stolen property.