Suspect Arrested in Death of Eric Romero

Victim: Eric Romero

Victim: Eric Romero

On July 15, 2014, Victim Eric Romero was transported to Baylor Hospital by a private vehicle, where he died as a result of a gunshot wound to the head.  During the investigation, homicide detectives identified Juanito Molina, L/M/21, as the suspect.  Mr. Molina was located and interviewed by detectives. On December 29, 2014, he admitted to accidentally shooting Eric Romero and transporting him to the hospital. Juanito Molina has been arrested for Criminal Negligent Homicide and placed in jail on a $15,000.00 bond. 

For more information, please see the signed Probable Cause Affidavit and the original story below:

Original story posted on July 21, 2014:

Eric Romero is a victim of a homicide that occurred on July 15, 2014. Romero was dropped off at Baylor Hospital with a gunshot wound. He died several hours later.

The circumstances of this shooting are unknown at this time and the Dallas Police Homicide Detectives are in need of the public’s assistance in locating the crime scene and/or witnesses to the shooting. It is believed the shooting occurred near Woodrow Wilson High School before 10:30pm. If anyone has information pertaining to this crime, please contact Det. Tommy Raley at 214-671-3684. 

Crime Stoppers will pay up to $5000.00 for information called into Crime Stoppers which leads to the arrest and indictment for this felony offense or any other felony offense. If you have information about this crime, call Crime Stoppers at (214) 373- TIPS or contact the Dallas Police Department at (214) 671-3661.



Wanted For Capital Murder Justin Pharez Smith

Update: Press Conference Triple Homicide On Wynell Street

Today at about 6:15am, Justin Pharez Smith Black male, 9-18-92 was arrested by members of the North Texas US Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force, at a residence in Grand Prairie Texas.  Smith is the suspect in yesterday’s Triple Murder at 5125 Wynell Street.  Task force officers entered the residence, and took Smith into custody without incident. 

Justin Smith was transported to the Crimes against Persons Division where he was interviewed by Homicide detectives.  During the interview, Mr. Smith admitted his participation in the offenses committed on Wynell Street.  Justin Smith was arrested and placed in Lew Sterrett justice Center for Capital Murder.  His bond is set at $1 million dollars. 

On August 2 at about 6:40 am, Smith entered 5125 Wynell Street to conduct “business”.  Inside the house in a small living room were victims Demarcus Walton, Tyteanna Brown and Kimberly Montgomery.  An unnamed female victim/witness was in an adjacent room asleep on a couch.  Smith was known to the victims as J-Dawg.  A confrontation occurred between the victims and Smith that eventually resulted in their deaths. 

Suspect Smith after shooting the previous three victims entered the adjacent room, which the female victim was sleeping on the couch. The female begged for her life saying she had “babies”.  Smith left the room shortly, but returned and shot the woman in the head, as she was curled-up in a fetal position.  He returned to the living room for a few seconds gathering items, and again revisited the adjacent room kicking the woman in an apparent effort to determine if she was dead.  The victim played possum and fortunately survived. 

As Justin Smith fled the location, he shot at a fifth person from inside the house.  This witness is an employee of victim Walton.  Smith exited the house and then attempted to shoot the witness.  A struggle ensued between Smith and the witness.  The witness reported hearing the gun “click” several times, as Smith attempted to reload his pistol. 

A sixth witness then walks up to the house.  Smith challenges her with the pistol.  This provided the fifth witness an opportunity to flee on foot down Wynell Street.  Smith entered his vehicle and sped toward the witness striking him with the car in an attempt to kill him.  Smith then fled the scene. 

Suspect Smith went to his mother’s residence in Arlington where he hid guns from the offense location and his clothes.  He showered, left his mother’s residence, and went and got a haircut. He later decided to seek refuge with his “mentor” in Grand Prairie. 

Homicide detectives recovered guns, clothes and other items from the Arlington location via search warrant.  At this time, Suspect Smith’s family is cooperating with detectives.

Suspect: Justin Pharez Smith

UPDATE: Justin Pharez Smith was taken into custody by US Marshals In Grand Prairie, Texas around 6:00am. He was taken to Dallas police headquarters and remains in custody.

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Domestic Violence Warrant Round Up

UPDATE: Total arrests for the week are as follow: 429 warrants executed; 46 Arrests (29 Felony and 17 Misdemeanors), 83 warrants cleared (37 cleared through vetting and de-conflicting).  See press conference posted below.

UPDATE: Eleven arrest were made on today’s Domestic Violence Warrant Round Up. Only one of the new arrest is pictured below.

UPDATE: Seven arrest were made on today’s Domestic Violence Warrant Round Up. Two of the seven arrested are pictured below. 

UPDATE: Nine arrest were made on today’s Domestic Violence Warrant Round Up.

UPDATE: Ten arrest were made on today’s Domestic Violence Warrant Round Up. Two of the arrested are pictured in photo gallery below. Updates will be posted daily.

On Tuesday, June 24th through Friday, June 27th, the Dallas Police Department and the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department will conduct an operation to arrest those who have outstanding Domestic Violence related warrants. Officers from Patrol, METRO Unit, and the Domestic Violence Unit will participate in this 4 day operation. Currently, there are over 250 felony warrants that have been issued for suspects who have committed offenses against family members. Continue reading


Officers Saved a Life: Caught on Video

On June 12, 2014, at 2:52 pm, Officers Brad Uptmore, #8804, and Matthew Parson, #9111, responded to a possible jumper on top of the bridge at West Northwest Highway and Harry Hines Boulevard.  When they arrived, they saw a Latin male with his entire body clinging to the outside rail of the bridge from down below. They then quickly maneuvered around traffic to locate the man in distress on top of the bridge.

Once they got to him, the officers immediately began talking to him and shut down all traffic to the bridge. They quickly learned that the man was emotionally unstable as he made several threats to jump from the bridge to the roadway below. He even took out a knife and began to violently cut pieces of bailing twine showing officers that he was armed.  Despite all of this, Officers Uptmore and Parson continued to convey to the man that ending his life was not the appropriate solution to his problems. Between sobs and words, he started to converse with officers. He was distraught over being back on drugs after he had been sober for over six months.

At one point during their conversation, the man started to violently thrash the knife, but lost control of it, and it fell off the bridge. Both officers recognized this opportunity and promptly began to encroach and close the distance between themselves and the man. Officers continued to talk to him as they inched closer to his location. Once officers were in reaching range, both officers instantaneously leaped and grabbed the man who wavered on the edge of the bridge. Officers were able to get him safely over the rails to the ground. He was taken into custody and transported to a local hospital for an evaluation.

Officers Uptmore and Parson took heroic actions to preserve this man’s life. Such actions exemplify the professionalism and dedication to duty of law enforcement officers and are the types of actions that make our profession unique and gratifying.




Community Awareness Bulletin – Sex Assault of A Child

Update: June 25, 2014 @ 14:15

Dallas police detectives who were assigned to investigate the reported sexual assault of a 14 year-old victim in the area of 5900 Wisdom Creek Drive have learned through follow-up interviews that the alleged abduction and sexual assault did not occur.  The department has provided the reported victim with referrals to agencies that are better equipped to provide her with assistance for the difficult life changes she is facing. 

The Dallas Police Department wants to say thank you to the community and media for their assistance in broadcasting the information on a possible suspect.  We will continue to notify the public in the event of possible newsworthy concerns while at the same time conducting thorough investigations into such reports.   Continue reading


Police Memorial Week

memorial photo

On Wednesday May 14, 2014, the Dallas Police Department will hold services honoring the 2014 Police Memorial Day.  This event recognizes the sacrifices made by Dallas Police officers as well as other officers who have given their lives in the performance of their duties.   Listed below are the order of events and a brief description of the service.

  • 11:50 AM – March to the Memorial     Griffin St. at Young St. to Griffin St. and Akard St

All former or current police officers, family and/or friends and citizens are invited to join the Dallas Police command staff, honor guard, salute team and other dignitaries in marching from Griffin and Young Street to the Police Memorial site at Akard and Young Street. Free parking will be available in Lot-E located at 600 Memorial Street (Memorial and Hotel). 

  • 12:00 Noon – Dallas Police Memorial Service – Young St. and Marilla St.

Service includes a performance by the Dallas Police Choir, the reading of the “Roll Call of Honor”, 21-gun salute, Taps and a fly over by the Dallas Police Helicopter.