Sexual Assault of juvenile in South Dallas

On April, 23, 2014, at 11:17am, patrol officers responded to a call regarding Sexual Assault of a 14 year of age Hispanic male, Case #96454B. The Complainant stated he went to school, returned home, and then started to walk back to school, when the Complainant met the suspect in the 500 N Jim Miller. The suspect then took the Complainant in the suspect vehicle to the 7900 block of Hodges where the Complainant was sexually abused. The Suspect is described as a black, male, 25 -30 years of age, bald, tattoos on both of his forearms, and possibly crosses. The suspect vehicle is described as a small black 2 door Chevrolet pickup, black in color, tinted windows. In the bed of the truck there were 6 to 7 coffee colored (brown) cabinets. Anyone with information regarding this offense, the suspect or suspect vehicle should contact Detective Ann Barnes at 214 671 4028.

Want To Locate

The Dallas Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance in locating the person on the picture below. On April 22, 2014, Jordan Ridgell white female 29 years old 5’ 9” 140 lbs red brown hair, walked away from her residence alone and has not been seen. Her boyfriend was later found deceased and detectives need your help in locating her.

If anyone has any information on the whereabouts or location of Jordan Ridgell, they are asked to contact the Dallas Police Department Det. Lopez at 214-283-4813.


Who Used a Detective’s Stolen Credit Card?

suspectPolice officers are not immune from being victims of crime and on January 14, 2014, between about 12:30 PM and 3:00 PM, an unknown suspect stole cash and a credit card out of a wallet that was on his desk for a several minutes inside police headquarters and in a locker at the local gym.

About two and half hours after the theft, the unidentified suspect pictured at left and on the bulletin, used the stolen credit card at Macys in the Galleria Mall, Macys inside the Northpark Shopping Center and Dillard’s inside Northpark. He bought 3 iPads from two different electronics vending machines and a leather jacket from Dillards.  The suspect in these offenses has yet to be identified. Public Integrity detectives are asking for help identifying this suspect. Detectives are not certain if the suspect who used the credit card is the same individual who stole the items.

The suspect is a Black male in his 30’s, 5’8’’ to 5 ‘10’’ average weight, mustache (maybe a beard based on the photo) wearing a Kangaroo logo hat, seen wearing black pants and a black leather jacket.

Anyone who knows the identity of the pictured suspect is asked to contact Detective Kennedy-Cahee at 214-671-3265. (See below bulletin)


Multi Million Dollar Drug Bust found Inside of Tractor Trailer

MarihunaOn April 14, 2014, at around 9:30 p.m. the Domestic Highway Enforcement (DHE) Unit responded to a request for assistance from the Dallas office of the Drug Enforcement Administration regarding a tractor trailer that contained suspicious items and was traveling through Dallas. Members of the DHE squad responded to the location. Further investigation revealed the trailer contained items that were not noted on the manifest for the load.

A Dallas Police K-9 dog was utilized and alerted to several pallets that had been on the trailer. Detectives also observed what appeared to be marijuana inside a box. A search of the trailer revealed 13,000 lbs. of marijuana packaged in 12-25 lb. bundles. The estimated street value is approximately $6.5 million.


Wanted For Murder


On June 6, 2010, the victim Juanita Martinez was killed at 13350 Maham Road, Dallas, Texas. A murder warrant was issued for Luiset Beni Sanchez L/M 01/03/85 on warrant #F10-56519, but the suspect had fled the country. The Dallas Police Department recently received information that Luiset Sanchez was back in the Dallas Area.

 If anyone has any information on the whereabouts or location of Luiset Sanchez, they are asked to contact The Dallas Police Department Homicide Unit Detective Sayers, at 214-671-3647, if you wish to remain anonymous you can contact Crime Stoppers at 214-373-8477. Crime Stoppers will pay up to $5000.00 for information leading to an arrest and indictment for this and  any other felony offense.

Chase ends in Officer-Involved Shooting

At around 1:20 on April 21, 2014, two officers were walking through the parking lot of the Dallas Inn in the 3300 block of Marvin D. Love Fwy Service Rd.  They were conducting a foot patrol in response to complaints about open-air drug sales, loitering and recurrent prostitution.  They happened upon Michael Mayo and a female sitting inside of a running vehicle.

OIS 4-21-2-14

In the aftermath of the standoff at Southwest Center Mall

As officers approached, they could smell the odor of burning marijuana coming from inside the vehicle and so they began to question Mayo and his associate.  Mayo himself had warrants outstanding for his arrest for probation violations on theft and drug charges. Learning this, officers called for additional officers and the helicopter to assist. Officers described thinking that Mayo might try to flee because of the way he was acting.

The officers continued to talk with Mayo and asked him to step out of the car but he refused to do so.  They continued to talk until the first additional officer arrived to help.  When that officer arrived, everything quickly spiraled downhill.

According to the officers at the scene, Mayo then shoved the car into reverse and accelerated backwards suddenly.  He stopped long enough to put the car into drive and his female companion jumped out of the car. Mayo sped forward and one officer described how he had to move out of the quickly to avoid being struck by the fast escaping car.  Mayo was driving so reckless at that point, he sideswiped the motel itself as he was making his getaway.

Mayo then led officers on a chase through Dallas and Duncanville lasting almost 30 minutes.  During portions of the pursuit, Mayo would stop his vehicle in the road way but invariably, he would flee again.  Officers could see Mayo rummaging through the car and thought he might be reaching for a weapon.  Seeing this they called for the SWAT team.

OIS2 4-21-2-14

Chief Garza prepares to brief assembled media.

Their concerns about a weapon were realized when Mayo pulled into the parking lot of the Southwest Center Mall.  There Mayo exited his car and held a gun to his own head, threatening to kill himself multiple times.  SWAT officers took up positions around Mayo’s vehicle and officers pleaded with him to put the gun down and surrender peacefully. Mayo however, got back into his car as officers tried to communicate with him.

 Mayo refused their attempts and instead, exited his car with the gun a second time. According to officers and witnesses, Mayo then raised the gun and pointed it in the direction of SWAT officers. Three SWAT officers fired at Mayo, striking and killing him. Officers involved in the shooting were:

Senior Corporal Gerardo Huante, #7336 18yrs 4mths Assigned to SWAT
Senior Corporal Robert Hamilton, #7546 16yrs 8mths Assigned to SWAT
Senior Corporal Marshall Milligan, #9454 5yrs 11mths Assigned to SWAT

The above involved officers have been placed on administrative leave, as is customary in these situations.

Field Sobriety Training To Resume at Police Academy

DPD Twittter

UPDATE: April 21, 2014 @ 19:30

In response to concerns of disparate treatment in the application of the Dallas Police Academy Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) Curriculum, a review of the process was conducted.  This review led to questions about the sequence of the proficiency and written exam resulting in the Basic Academy being directed to suspend SFST classes in order to ensure compliance with state and national requirements.

The Department consulted with Mr. David McGarah, the state administrator for the DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing program. This program was developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The Department has determined that its curriculum, including the written and proficiency tests, meets established standards.

Satisfied that the curriculum meets the state and national standards and that steps have been taken for consistent application, Chief Brown has ordered that SFST training resume at the Basic Academy.  The Department is committed to providing its recruits and veteran officers with training that is fair and unbiased; yet, uncompromising in its dedication to meet or exceed state and national standards.

UPDATE: April 17, 2014 @ 16:15

Today Chief Brown received questions from officers and others regarding concerns about the Department’s standardized field sobriety testing (SFST) training standards.  The Department had previously conducted a review for the reasons outlined below.

In February, concerns were expressed by officers that only African American recruits were failing the police vehicle operation course (PVOC) and the standardized field sobriety testing (SFST) portions of the police academy. At the direction of Chief Brown, the Personnel and Development Division reviewed the last 5 years’ records and found that only minority recruits (African American and Hispanic) had failed the PVOC course (5 recruits in 5 years) and a higher percentage of minority recruits had failed SFST courses than white recruits (1 W/M to 8 minority recruits in 5 years).  As this review of recruits’ performance was in progress, the recruit who was addressed in the letter sent by the Dallas Police Association and who is African American, was progressing through PVOC training.

When questions were later raised by the Dallas Police Association regarding this recruit failing PVOC and an alleged reduction in training standards, the Department found:

  • The recruit in question passed the written exam for PVOC
  • Police academy testing policy establishes that a recruit has two opportunities to take the cumulative PVOC skills test before remedial training is to be given
  • Following remedial training on deficiencies, by policy a recruit has two additional opportunities to pass the cumulative skills test before being recommended for termination.
  • The recruit in question received no remedial training and was scheduled for the retest 5 weeks later, which he failed.
  • His chain of command discussed a recommendation for termination.
  • Upon hearing that the recruit had not received remedial training as called for by policy, Assistant Chief Patricia Paulhill directed that the recruit be given the remedial training and tested. 
  • The recruit received remedial training and passed the subsequent cumulative skills test with a 95%

An email was distributed from academy staff on Tuesday, April 15, 2014, stating that recruits were not to be failed on the practical application portion of the SFST test.  Chief Brown has directed that the academy staff temporarily suspend the SFST training class and conduct a review of the testing process to ensure that our process is consistent with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration guidelines.

In a statement, Chief Brown said, “We will continue to review all of our training to ensure our high standards are not compromised in any way and that we make necessary adjustments to continually improve.”

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