Human Trafficking Arrests Made

On July 15, 2019, Dallas Police High-Risk Victims detectives, Vice and Narcotics Interdiction detectives, and FBI personnel responded to a call from officers assigned to the Southwest Division regarding a possible sex trafficking offense. 

Detectives were able to determine an offense of sex trafficking had occurred over the course of four days, traveling through Missouri, Illinois, and Texas. With the information received from the suspects and victim, officers were able to execute a search warrant which resulted in the seizure of 15 pistols and rifles, narcotics, and a vehicle which was used in the crime along with a large sum of money. 

Detectives arrested two suspects on sex trafficking charges. 

Jerry Duncan,  37-years-old, Black male

Kathryne Sneed,  23-year-old, Black female

We would like to thank everyone involved for their dedication to these victims and constant vigilance for these types of crimes.